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How to Join WFTDi Canada/ Adhésion - Comment devenir membre de la WFTDI Canada


To sign up for WFTDI Canada Skater Membership, click here


WFTDI Canada Membership is $50 plus applicable taxes and is valid for 12 months from the date purchased. 

Membership in WFTDI Canada is for all skating participants of roller derby or a roller skating program including skating officials and skating coaches.

WFTDI Canada Leagues and all skating programs must ensure all visiting skaters, skating officials and coaches have membership with WFTDI Canada or with another membership organization that provides general liability and accident insurance. 

WFTDI Canada Leagues and all skating programs must have all skaters provide them with their membership card that shows an expiry date. 

WFTDI Canada membership cards can be found by logging into the Member Portal. To login, click the link in the top right hand corner of the WFTDI Canada website. Your User ID is the email and password you used when you initially signed up for your membership.

WFTDI Canada Membership includes General Liability (GL) coverage for your league and Accident Insurance (AI) for skaters. 

ALL participants on skates are required to have WFTDI Canada membership - this ensures your league is fully covered by General Liability and there are no conflicts or exclusions of coverage because a member is not insured or has other coverage.


Each membership requires a unique email address. If you are a parent/guardian who is a member and you also need to obtain an additional membership for your child, but that child does not have an email address, you may use your email address and add a +1 (+2, and so on) before the “@” in the email address.  

For example, if your email address is, use: for the second membership for the third membership

and so on, for as many dependents as you need to sign up. 

The emails will all be sent to your email address, but the Member Portal will use each email as a unique ID that you will log into, separately. 


Pour vous devenir membre, cliquez ici.