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The Fresh and The Furious Tournament

06 Jul 2024 @ 9:00am EDT
07 Jul 2024 @ 6:00pm EDT

The Fresh and the Furious is an annual tournament that showcases new talents and skills from skaters who've joined roller derby within the last year. It is 2 full days of 20-minute games played over one track, under the WFTDA ruleset.

New skaters come from all over Ontario, Quebec, and the United States to complete! The Fresh and the Furious is the only tournament of its kind in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe and inspired a second Fresh and Furious tournament in New Zealand.

More than a tournament. The Fresh and the Furious raises up our newest players and forges friendships that defy distance and team boundaries. The Fresh and the Furious is a unique opportunity for new players to enter the spotlight. The tournament is a highly anticipated event in our region bringing hundreds of fans out to support the teams. For participants it’s seen as a right of passage into the sport with players only receiving one opportunity to play in their career.

The tournament is truly anyone’s opportunity to win as each league fields a completely different roster each year The Fresh and the Furious fosters friendships and supports our community.

New players have the opportunity to meet and support each other through this once in a lifetime event. Through the tournament eliminated teams will often be seen rallying behind another on the sidelines and cheering them on until the very end. Our community comes together every summer in Toronto to support their new players who’ve given their all to learn this new sport.

Supporting new members through the steep learning curve of derby and getting to see the hard work displayed on the track, Veteran players take to the track side to cheer their rookies on to personal victories.

06 Jul 2024 @ 9:00am EDT
07 Jul 2024 @ 6:00pm EDT

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